7 June, 2022

“We understand the needs of each client”

We talk to Juan Manuel Mancebo, the managing Director of Tailor Retail Makers, who describes the services they offer to those retailers that decide to establish in a physical space. 

Tailor is a firm specialising in business implementation. What services do they offer operators?
Tailor Retail Makers aims to become a strategic partner of all those brands in need of establishing in a physical space to offer their services o for their internal operations. 

Under the concept of “comprehensive turnkey service”, we provide solutions to every implementing need within the national territory, from initial design, project drafting and license management to the implementation of the works, equipment, furniture and digitalisation of spaces and the subsequent maintenance of commercial premises and offices. We have 20 years of experience developing works and services in the retail sector by the side of remarkable operators in their process of expansion and renovation of their facilities.

What sets Tailor Retail Makers apart from other specialised construction companies?
Tailor Retail Makers is more than just a construction company, not only because of the wide range of services that cover the phases before and after the actual execution of the premises but, above all, because of how we relate to clients. 

We do know the distinctive features of the sector and understand the needs of each client at every moment, and we make them our goals. We stand by our clients within their business expansion in every sector and without geographical limits by providing them with the experience of professionals specialised in the retail sector. We work as the official negotiator and supervise the entire implementation process in the spaces, from the idea to the start-up.

What are the currents needs of physical spaces in an increasingly digitized world? How important has sustainability become today?
Commercial spaces are adapting to a post-pandemic reality and to a hyper-digitalised society, where the user seeks experiences beyond just acquiring a good or service. We are redesigning the reality of the retail sector to coexist with the virtual world, social media, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and metaverse. Simultaneously, we provide shops and offices with the ability to offer increasingly customised human relationship experiences. 

We design and develop spaces where “things happen” that make customers more interested in approaching the store and build loyalty to the brand. Sustainability is no longer an option or a greenwashing resource as in the past year, it is already a customer requirement and a real bet of the brands, which relates not only to the product but also to design, choice of materials and solutions for space development. 

In terms of retail, what projects are the most in-demand? 
The hospitality industry, organised catering and transformation of working spaces (coworking…) are currently the main typologies of booming retail projects. 

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