27 July, 2022

Tailor Retail Makers, specialists in business implementation

Tailor Retail Makers has been responsible for developing the construction and implementation of the sales office for the luxury housing development “Dunique”, located in Marbella. 

An industrialised modular construction system created the office. This system reduces assembly delivery times by manufacturing the modules with all the finishing already in the factory and transporting and placing them directly on the site. 

It has four modules, and its transportation and assembly took less than 48 hours. Thanks to the use of assembled modular structures, it was possible to accomplish a unique, spectacular design by creating an open, very bright space with panoramic views of the dunes and the sea. 

Design is present both outside and inside, which stands out for its infinite curves and finishes. Equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding public, it has a hall, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and several workrooms. The whole provides a perfect combination of quality and implementation time, which offers a quick response to the most demanding projects. 

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