22 February, 2022

Interviewing Juan Manuel Mancebo, Tailor Retail Makers’ CEO

What is TAILOR RETAIL MAKERS, and what is their development?
Tailor is a firm specialising in business implementation in the retail sector and offices, considering implementation as the comprehensive management process from the design phase, and project and license management to the implementation of works, equipment and after-sales of every kind of commercial space and office. 

Tailor springs from the business diversification and specialisation of Bilba construction company, belonging to the Holding SINERBA and with national coverage. 

The brand got created recently. However, Tailor has over 20 years of experience in the retail sector and already stands by national and international firms within their national expansion. 

What sets Tailor apart from other construction companies?
Tailor is not just a construction company. Beyond the expansion of their service portfolio to the phases before and after the actual execution of the works, Tailor offers comprehensive advice, which aims at ensuring business success and providing extra value and security to the investment.  

Our goal is to be the strategic partner of those companies that need spaces to develop their business, sharing their objectives and providing solutions and experience to the specific needs of each case.

What services does your company offer?
Our service portfolio includes all the phases necessary to implement a business in a specific physical space, from a 360º concept, offering a pack of customisable solutions regarding DESIGN+BUILD+FACILITY SERVICES, to be hired partially or as a whole. This concept allows us to deliver specific solutions to every need in each phase from the global point of view of the entire process.

In the pre-construction phases, from the specific need of each case and according to the necessary space, we suggest solutions on design, investment and planning adapted to the client, which get completed with real estate advice on the location of premises and corporative design and visual marketing. 

Afterwards, we carry out the drafting in collaboration with studios and specialists of the technical projects that allow legalising and implementation of the works. We manage and process all licenses and permits, and in case the client has already delivered the projects, we perform an optimisation according to an in-house reengineering studio.

During the implementation of the works, we manage the direction and supervision of the execution of every item, both with our own staff and by collaborating with specialised companies that provide leading services and materials in each sector, maintaining contact with the client at every moment. The construction services in adapting local premises get complemented with the implementation and installation of the necessary equipment and furniture. 

Finally, once the works have been implemented, and after checking finishing and functioning, preventive and corrective maintenance service is offered, with specialised staff and quick attention throughout the national territory, and personalised attention to all complementary needs, as well as micro-actions that may take place during in the operational life of companies.

How big is Tailor’s staff, and what do you think you contribute as CEO? 
Tailor has both their own staff and external collaborators. The specialised technical staff includes engineers, architects and some other technical profiles with extensive experience and constant training, which allows us to provide the best solution in each case and manage the entire process with control and quality.

The same goes for operational staff. We have a versatile, highly specialised technical operator to meet the demands in each phase and collaborate with the most remarkable manufacturing, installers and applicators in the country as well as the engineers and design studios specialising in retail and contract. 

I personally believe that I contribute as one of the staff within the comprehensive process, experience and training acquired after more than 25 years in the sector designing and implementing local premises and offices for several companies in the construction, retail or industrial sectors, and especially an overview of the needs in each case and the solutions to be applied to achieve each challenge. 

What sectors do Tailor Retail Makers target?
Our target clients are those companies that need commercial space or offices to develop their business. We also serve the hotel industry and adapt to any constructive format we are asked for, modular and ephemeral construction included. 

The sectors in which we have the most experience, in these 20 years as Bilba’s internal department, are shops both in shopping centres and in the street, restaurants and offices with high performance in terms of facilities and telecommunications.

In our portfolio, there are projects for several sectors: beauty, technology, bank, insurance, restaurants, leisure, convenience stores or textile, and an extensive list of works in points of sale, offices and prefabricated modular houses along the national territory.

What do your clients highlight the most about your brand?
The satisfaction of our clients is very high. As proof, once the first collaboration is complete, they continue to rely on Tailor to expand their business.

Above all, our clients value having just one official negotiator to inform and advise during the process as one more partner sharing their objectives. 

The constant approachability and contact with the company’s management and the designated manager for each client translates into trust and control, which gets later supported by the results and compliance with deadlines and costs. 

On the other hand, whether we are in charge of all the services or if we only participate in one phase, we do worry about knowing and understanding the entire process. And we also interact with all the agents to implement solutions and make decisions from the global point of view of the main goal.

What would you advise an entrepreneur to consider establishing in commercial premises or an office?
Adapting the space to develop your professional activity is probably the most important investment at the beginning and expansion of many businesses. That investment should be made with controlled risk by anticipating possible economic and time diversions and knowing how to face them and react in each case. 

Having a comprehensive vision of the entire process and suitable partners with experience and professionalism are key. 

Furthermore, both in physical shops and offices or even hotels, it is essential to consider integrating the digital world, what is going to be and already is the distinguishing item in all sectors. We need to design spaces by bearing in mind that the product, the face-to-face work or just the commercial transaction will not be the centre, but thinking of the user and worker’s experience and their interaction with the virtual, social media, IA and the metaverse. 

And always keep in mind that sustainability, from material selection to resource optimisation, is no longer an option but one of the game rules in a world more and more aware (and forced) to protect the environment. 

Finally, what is Tailor’s main objective for the coming years?
The main objective at the moment is to make the 20 years’ experience brand known and establish ourselves in the sector as a reference company in the comprehensive management of business implementation.

Our vocation is staying with each client within their expansion, wherever their needs arise and taking part in their success, which is also ours. 

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