8 June, 2022

Tailor Retail Makers will be in charge of developing the words of “flex-offices” of Urban in the golden corner of the port of Málaga.

Tailor Retail Makers stands out nationally for its “turnkey” business model, comprehensive and 360º management from design to development, and maintenance of commercial spaces and offices.

Tailor Retail Makers is awarded the works by Urban group to carry out the flex-offices project under the Monday brand in Málaga, on Muelle Uno. That is scheduled for September and already has other working spaces in some Spanish cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Tailor Retail Makers starts adaptation works to house ‘flex-offices’ spaces -offices for rent-in 1,600 m2 premises within a strategic site, in the centre of the city and next to the sea, such as Muelle Uno. It is an establishment by Monday, under the concept of offices through payment for use of space, which also will be offering food service, a gym, advice on tax, accounting and marketing matters, areas to relax, game rooms and booths to talk on the phone in private, among other benefits.

With this project, Tailor Retail Makers reinforces their position in the sector under the ‘turnkey model’ as a strategic partner that provides companies with experience, guarantee and specialisation through the process of implementing their business.

Tailor Retail Makers stands by the entire process of creation of spaces and/or expansion of firms, from the initial idea and business plan to its start-up. They also offer specific solutions in each phase of the process of creating business realities with a global point of view of the process, securing the investment and adding value through the collaboration of specialists and the most adequate technical solutions in each case.

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