Tailor Office

Renovation of the old essence factory in Álora as the headquarters of Tailor Retail Makers, located in the Puente district and on the banks of the Guadalhorce river. The facilities have two warehouses, an elevated water tank, a shed and a brick chimney.

The current intervention in the main building, carried out by Tailor based on a project by its general manager, Juan Manuel Mancebo, has created two interior levels and rearranged the common outdoor space to house the company’s headquarters.

The range of uses is based on a large open space on the ground floor, with collective work desks to house a dozen permanent technicians and administrative staff and hot desks for technicians on occasional visits. It also has an office, meeting room, project room and logistics warehouse.

Outside, there is a wooded area set up as a car park, recreational areas, and an office shared with Leba, the other construction company of the group also located on the site.